Dental Hygiene Cleanings For Children

Mary Skrijelj

The Risk For Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Once your child has teeth, he is susceptible to tooth decay. Mother's milk, formula, cow's milk and fruit juice all contain sugars that promote dental decay.

Babies may get early childhood tooth decay from going to bed with a bottle of milk, formula, or juice. Unrestricted, at-will breast-feeding at night may also increase the risk of tooth decay.

It can happen to children up to age four. Once your child has teeth, lift his or her lips once a month and check the teeth. Look for dull white spots or lines on the teeth. These may be on the necks of the teeth next to the gums. Dark teeth are also a sign of tooth decay.

If you see any signs, book a children’s dental hygiene check-up at Richmond Hill Dental Hygiene. Early childhood tooth decay must be treated quickly. If not, your child may have pain and infection.

At Richmond Hill Dental Hygiene, we recommend that children should have a dental hygiene cleaning every 6 months. The best way to maintain good oral hygiene health for your children is to schedule regular dental hygiene visits. We teach your kids how to properly brush and floss on a regular basis at home.


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